One who tries to be cool, but doesn't see just how uncool he really is... In fact it would be pretty easy to take what this person is doing / wearing and turn it into something cool with the right person involved.
If you wear an authentic jersey, but also wear the pants to match and tuck the shirt inside - you would be a cornball.
by swerve July 17, 2003
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some one who is really corny. Or a dude who tries to spit game but his game is weak as hell.
corn ball, ur not even funny.
by Tee4125 May 14, 2006
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1.A fucking guy who walks down the street grilling You when he's with his punk ass crew, but when he's by himself he doesn't look Your way.

2.A fucking guy who calls his little ordinary ass girlfriend up throughout the day asking her "where you at?",
"Baby,who you chillin with?"
1. That cornball allways grillin!

2. This cornball is strait pussy-whipped!
by Starlo Dulcia July 28, 2004
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corn ball someone that is just too thru and dont have any kinda game
That nigga is a corn ball, he cant even spit game!
by sky April 8, 2004
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a lame ass mofo whos name is korina
look @ dis cornball tryin 2 b me
by brooklyn November 14, 2003
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A guy that tries to be cool but doesn’t see how uncool he really is.Someone who is really corny and can’t spit any game. Possible corn balls Jack,Brian,Gavin,Kenneth,And Tyler All these selected get no bitches or pussy
by Curtis Adams May 4, 2022
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You’re basically weird as fuck , an abbreviation is basically you’re corny
“ aye yo girl , u a fucking corn ball onna dead loks.”
by June 2, 2022
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