mesomorphically chiseled, buff, muscular, diesel, built.
Have you seen the Big Bad Booty Daddy Scott Steiner lately? He's truly brolic!
by weave April 1, 2003
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Tough, muscular, macho, aggressive, very large and possibly crazed
I'm not arguing with that dude; he's way too brolic
by Bill Peters November 6, 2006
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Big. Large in size or Satisfaction.
Yo< This bag of weed is brolic.


That steak was fuckin brolic.
by Arcan August 24, 2003
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adj to describe something that is very large in size
damn that nigga is brolic!(big muscles, tall, fat)
u seen her house....that shit is brolic(mansion)
by toni February 25, 2005
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a person who is really stong and diesel. Has very big muscles.
Yoo that girl marissa alessi that goes to longwood HS is madddddd broliccccc!!!!
by risssaaaaaa December 13, 2009
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i asked toney for that cash and he tried to get brolic with me.
by dg June 23, 2002
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1) Immense strength that you can only achieve if you have abused steroids for the past year or so and have muscles so huge that you can't even touch your own head.

Contrary to popular belief it is not a real word and was derived from the Dragon Ball Z character "Broli".
Dude those guys are so brolic, they could probably beat the shit out of you.
by kurkaglvr September 19, 2009
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