It’s when so unbelievably dumb, that the only good response is “big dumb.” It’s just so unfathomable that someone would even say or do that certain thing.
*Nicole puts a sweater on a dog* You are big dumb.
by punkedanddisorderly November 5, 2018
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When one uses this phrase, they are referring to something incredibly stupid, embarrassing, or dumb, that they or another has done.
I just tripped and fell down the stairs

“Big dumb”
by big yike November 26, 2018
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More than just dumb, usually when one perfoms an action that is too dumb to be considered just dumb.
That’s big dumb, bro! How did you fail that easy test?
by russ.n8 April 1, 2019
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Verb. Moments when you have a time of stupidity

Noun. when you constantly do things out of ignorance and are called the big dumb
I'm sorry i wasn't paying attention i had the big dumb
you are the big dumb
by Benny Dunn January 5, 2019
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The little shit of a spider that lived in a Minecraft world. He’s big, he’s dumb, and he’s stupid.
Max: Are we gonna kill the spider?
Ross: No, we’re gonna mock him until he dies. Get fucked, Big Dumb Stupid.
by Pisscum September 13, 2019
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Large male with small to non-exsistant brain. Often seen lifting heavy things, looking confused at the printed word and taking girls from Downers Grove South to his homecoming.
I can't believe that guy is squating 800 lbs! Whatever, the big dumb animal is going to give himself hemmrhoids.
by Alyson Jane Carr October 14, 2007
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