Someone who smokes, doesn't take a shower, doesn't shave, has long hair, and usually lives on the other side of the tracks.
Look at those coots over there smoking and working on that broke down Nova when they should be in school.
by jackbrown May 11, 2009
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Phenomenon in Halo videogames that occurs when someone, likely a noob (rookie), chooses to stick another player with a plasma grenade in close quarters rather than proceed into a firefight, thereby killing both players in the process.
You just got cootsed by CaptainCooter.
by lukers stukers May 25, 2008
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a lady who smells like horseradish and oatmeal. A Russian word orginated by a toothless tramp who couldnt afford tampons.
OMG, do you smell that? Theres definately a coot around.
by Jessicaisfuckingawesome Mary January 05, 2005
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(slang)- of great shock value.

See definition #8

Commonly used in conjunction with "dang" and "night" for more emotional emphasis.
8 Dollars? Coot night that's like a dollar an hour!

(after taking a shot of liquor) Coooooooooooot dang that hits hard!

Cooooooooooooot night that cop is pulling me over!

Coooooooooot dang my wife wants me to stop drinking and go home.
by Turd_Ferguson_Poops February 28, 2009
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