Someone who claims to be a very intelligent person but is quite the opposite and often spells genius wrong.
Darren: I'm going to make an urban dictionary definition for genus
Anna: What a genus move
by Epic2019 March 2, 2021
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the term given to people that are above Genius'. They are so clever and profound that society had to remove the "i" from the word.
by RussellBus August 17, 2007
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I rubbed that genus, and it made my wish cum true.
by Alice Seabright March 10, 2011
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They are currently broken up, but their music still lives on. They rock out to tunes like "Desperation", "Drowning", and so forth. Their band includes a Saxaphone and a trumpet making them unique in their own way. We all miss them since they went to college but still keep the spirit alive.
The last Genues concert was so crazy because there was over 500 ppl there and everyone was MOSHING!!! THE GENUES RULE!!
by Arley April 12, 2004
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It is a genu organic apple
by Edjy January 14, 2019
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"Lyssa" comes from a Greek word meaning "frenzy". It is a genus of viruses in the Rhabdovirida family that is characterised by it's ability to drive its victims into a mindless uncontrollable fits of fear and aggression (this includes humans). The most well known of member of this virus is Rabies. There are numerous members of this group, such as Mokola Virus, Duvenhage Virus, Irkut Virus, Khujand Virus, as well as the theorietical virus, Lyssa X.
The Lyssavirus Genus contains some of the most frightening transmitted diseases known to man.
by Edward Stevens August 28, 2006
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The ultimate supernova of comebacks. More powerful than christ.
John : Ur mom gay
Ethan : Ur genus a penis.

(The nations of the world crumble, as mass suicides erupt by the million, and the rest of the world witnesses the almighty blow.)
by 3th4N_$ March 23, 2018
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