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Donell Jones has a song called "Cool On You"
"Cool On You" means that he passes on the girl that cheated on him if she were to try to get back together.

You've heard people respond with "nah, I'm cool" before right?
For example if someone asked "wanna jump off a bridge? want some of this jalapeno? want me to try to hook you up with that fat girl?" some people would answer "nah, I'm cool" or simply "I'm cool"
which is another way of saying "I'll pass"

"want to go smoke some bud?"
"nah, I'm cool on that"

so if a girl ever asks you something like "do you like me? do you want me?" etc
if youre not feeling her you can say "I'm cool on you"

back to the song..donell jones is just saying that he doesn't even like that female anymore..he'll pass on her "i'm cool on you"
by JGuzmannn February 09, 2009
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