Someone at the gym who only works out their upper body and has skinny legs.
"Rofl, check out the flamingo walkin' over to the bench press"
by bigwang69 November 25, 2009
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1) One of the best YT Channels on Earth.
2) A retarded bird
3) A Chinese song talking about the bird Flamingo and shrimps.
Hey mr flip flops
Hi mr room foam
Sup mr flim flim
XD Hai yt x3
by Alscaldes July 06, 2018
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Flamingos are simply the tools of the U.S. government around the world. C'mon, like there's really such thing as a big bird that ALWAYS stands on one foot?! That so called "foot" is simply a pole for the wires to trail down, ya know, the ones that are connected to the camera in those beady little eyes. They aren't animals. They are machines tracking your movement. Ever hear something strange at night, look out the window and see something pink? That's right. Spy-bird, codenamed "Flamingo" Now I have to go, because the government is probably going to trace me after sending this message.
Kill all the flamingos! The government knows more than you think!
by Oddjobguy147 March 03, 2007
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A really cool pink bird that can fly and is pink and stuff! it is pretty big and they can live to 44 years old
thats one old flamingos!
by Loco 90 October 30, 2006
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A reference to any majestic female individual who has potentially friend zoned or let down a long lover and created agony within their lives. The boys affected by this individual woman often scream out "No more flamingos!" in relief of removing this uncanny person from their lives.
Mitchell: Fuck that flamingo man, she ruined my life
by Kuchinator May 11, 2014
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