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Lianna is a very smart and beautiful girl. If she likes you or cares for you, there isn't a way that you couldn't know. She'll make you feel happy at your saddest times. If you have stuff to say, she'll listen to you. She is great at giving trust worthy advice. Don't make her mad cause she will down right kick your ass if she wants to.One down fall though, is that some people tend to take advantage her sometimes. So if you know and like a Lianna, make sure that she knows and don't ever take her for granted because she'll be the greatest thing that will ever happen to you.
Latisha: Omg, was that Lianna??
Brook: Ya, you can tell by how smart and beautiful she is
by Mr. Carlson's favorite student November 21, 2017
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An amazing girl, absolutely beautiful. She can captivate anyone she meets with her smile alone.
Hey have you seen Lianna anywhere, I think Ive fallen for her...
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by liliac_pl April 17, 2018
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Undenialbly the girl of choice. Liannas are hard working, diligent, polite people. They always remain respectful, and show caring and compassion for all around them. They are athletic, as well as talented in the fine arts. They love to make other people feel loved, and yes, that does include in bed. And let's face it, they are simply put amazing.
Dude, I'm going to try and score a Lianna tonight!
by homiegray May 01, 2011
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A nice girl
whos out going
but shy around the guy shes likes
normally pretty but dosent think so herself
works hard
fun to be around
listens the best and keeps all your secrets
"sarah was the best listner today"
"omg i no right she is such a lianna"
by XDi_rockXD December 17, 2008
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