overtake, overtook, beat, go-past, overhaul
i scored 50 but rima 'surpassed' me by 10 marks and scored 60"
by mamtha August 12, 2006
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To go beyond in anything good or bad; to perform an activity better than expected.
"She shocked me because I already thought she was amazing, but she surpassed my expectations"
by Waqas Akhtar October 4, 2008
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The philosophical theory that for humans to advance and truly change for the better they must exceed the idea of God and become their own versions of Gods and Goddesses. And that humans can’t wait for a Deity to change things they must rise up and do these things for themselves.
Tom: "Don't worry about that, God has a plan will take care of everything."
Jacob: "Actually, I disagree. I personally believe in Surpassism and we as humans must create our own change and we can't rely on a higher power to do it."
by JacobRhy July 21, 2018
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surpassion is when your friend bullies you for not having an A in Biology class, you now have the passion, driven by motivation to surpass her grade with an A+
by josette-manny November 21, 2022
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