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Phat Rat: If you into snausages nigga its in ya blood nigga thats what its meant to be (addressing Lloyd Banks after Banks denies being involved in the gay porno)
by JGuzmannn June 29, 2006
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If you're "scary" you're scared.

"Why you so scary for?" means Why you so scared for?
"Stop acting so scary." means Stop acting so scared.

When Phat Rat called G-Unit "scary ass niggas" he wasn't saying that G-Unit frightens him..
He was saying that THEY are scared of BWS and fear them.
(BWS meaning Black Wall Street)

"Scary ass niggas" - Phat Rat on G-Unit
by JGuzmannn February 7, 2007
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To scuffle up is to acquire, get, make, you know words like that.
You can "scuffle up" on pretty much anything.
Slang: I'm trying to scuffle up on some bread
Translation 1: I'm trying to make some money.
Translation 2: I'm trying to get some money.
Translation 3: I'm trying to acquire some money.

Slang: I'm trying to scuffle up on some stereos.
Translation: I'm trying to (get, acquire, steal, etc) some stereos.
by JGuzmannn November 24, 2006
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To peck is to eat.......

I first came across this word in this context when reading the autobiography of Malcolm X. He said that when he was younger (probably around the 1940s or 50s) he used slang such as "peck".
Slang: I'm going to go peck a little
Translation: I'm going to eat
by JGuzmannn July 25, 2014
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Shorts that only go down to your knee (maybe shorter).
Back in the day, people wouldn't have their shorts down to their ankles like people do now.
Haven't you seen old school ballers from the NBA? Their shorts would be at their knee caps or shorter.

About the example: When Nas first got into the rap game, with the album 'Illmatic' back in 1994, people weren't wearing these huge over-sized shorts that some people do now.

When Nas hit the scene I was still rockin knee-highs - The Game on 200 Bars and Runnin
by JGuzmannn February 3, 2007
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Ditching school.
Not going to school.
It used to be called "playing hooky"
no school, straight hookin - 2Pac on the song "Thug Style"
by JGuzmannn June 27, 2007
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to make it simple,
its basically the same as conceited..

look at the examples

"Shut your big head up"
-Shut your conceited head up

"We didnt want him to get a big head"
-We didnt want him to become conceited

"He's had a big head ever since he won that championship"
-He's been conceited ever since he wont that championship
by JGuzmannn August 4, 2006
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