-to decline an offer.
-something cocky idiots say when they think they're cool.
-Dick: "Hey man, let's shave our asses, drink a gallon or pepto-bismol and then go see ashlee simpson in concert!"
Bob: "..naw i'm cool."

-Dick: "I'm cool"
Bob: "No you're fuckin not"
by st3vee August 30, 2005
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"I'm cool" . Is a fast reply, meaning ok, I am good with this... if you think this means something else than your a asshole,, Oh that does asshole mean to the young ones , your the best,,, assholes on the net!!!
I'm cool with this
by OLD SCHOOL 666 January 4, 2019
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Meaning you don't any, usually used for drugs/alchohol.

But also, other stuff, like food, or anything share-able.

Hey man, wanna hit?

Nah I'm cool off that.
by hippyflippy November 16, 2006
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Hi I'm from spongebob
Hi I'm cool like you are
by Zgzggdhd June 25, 2022
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frequently said phrase that is spreading like wildfire. It's a very witty answer to any question needing an explanation for an action.

Often ends in "yo." fora a cooler effect.
Confused Person:"Hey, why the hell are you doing that?!"

Cool Person: "Cuz, I'm cool like that, yo."
by Pink Phox February 27, 2005
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Hi I'm cool
Hi I'm cool means that you look good and is used 8n a sent
by Zgzggdhd June 25, 2022
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