Real cool awesome people that live in Tennessee (Particularly in the Smoky Mountain Area)
Happy Thanksgiving to all the Tennessee contingent!
by SmokytheBear01 November 27, 2015
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absence of certainty in events, a possibility (n)
The new multi-storeyed hotel was questioned on its contingency evacuation plans in the wake of a disaster.
by Sana_m April 16, 2010
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an asshat who can't finish a project he started
Contingency: I'm working on this new website, it should be done next week.

Contingency: I'm working on a new design for a phone, it should be done next week.
by gues582482 June 14, 2012
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Verb. To plan ahead for likely future developments.
Spanish authorities have begun to continge in the Catalonia secession crisis
by Lownico October 09, 2017
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A state that begins with paradox-as-a-value (null point) and ends in gradualism (linear time).
Contingency naturalizes (processizes) as a meta-state (self-paradox), self-actualizes as a null value (paradox-as-a-point), and emerges as a phenomenon (linearism (curve)).
by tomorrowtomorrow January 15, 2019
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Noun: A plan saved for the worst case scenario, or a backup plan.

According to Sarge from the popular web series Red Vs. Blue, what a shotgun to the face could be considered.
Griff: "And if the plan doesn't work?"
Sarge: "I've got a contingency plan."
Griff: "A shotgun to the face is not a contingency plan. I keep telling you that."
Sarge: "Of course it is! Just look how well it works for insubordination!"
by N00berson McGee December 21, 2011
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The natural mental ability all people possess that allows them to quickly and dynamically assess the situation and environment they are in to decide whether or not it is practical to masturbate at the exact moment in time.
My mother wasn't due to be back home for another 10 minutes, so I thought I'd slip in a quick wank. However, masturbatory contingency told me that it wasn't worth taking any chance of her walking in on me.
by Scekhcsy Foxmonk August 07, 2010
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