10 definitions by N00berson McGee

(N) A buzzkill, or an asshole
(V) to act like a retard
1. Person 1:"Dude, you need to cut down on the tequila"

Person 2: "You're such a boogemonkey"

2. Guy 1:"It's guys night out. What you wanna do?"

Guy 2:"Let's go out and boogemonkey."
by N00berson McGee September 7, 2010
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(n.) An absolute, complete, and unbelievable tosser. One whose existence has outlived their usefulness, like a blanket completely glazed in semen.

Modifiers include, but are not limited to: supreme, shit-sucking, insufferable, etc.
Guy 1: Last week, Nate was being such a shit-sucking wankblanket, I just had to deck him in the face.
Guy 2: What was he doing?
Guy 1: He just kept trying to get me to battle! It was pissing me off.
by N00berson McGee September 13, 2016
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the state of not being in a relationship, A.K.A being single. Singleness is usually characterized (if the person does not like singleness) by depression or pissyness and may be confused with PMS in women and BMS in men. It may also be confused with simple perversion, as the afflicted person usually acts somewhat perverted, due to the deprivation of love.

One of teh worst things anyone can ever have.
After Harry broke up with his girlfriend, his friends noticed that he became very depressed and perverted. Harry was suffering from his own singleness.
by N00berson McGee January 6, 2011
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The extremely competitive sport of seeing who can sit for the longest period of time. First official high school team created for this in early 2011 in Missouri.
by N00berson McGee July 12, 2011
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The Internet browsing equivalent of a dried-up phallus rotting at the bottom of a well full of century-old semen and piss.
Internet User 1: "Do you use Internet Explorer?"
Internet user 2: "Do I look like a bag of used tampons to you?"
Internet User 1: "Uh.. no...?"
Internet User 2: "There's you're answer. Now get back on your knees, I still have 20 more minutes."
by N00berson McGee June 13, 2013
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Shorthand for a 20 piece chicken McNugget and a medium fry, usually ordered after 10 PM, and occasionally drunk
Cashier: Welcome to McDonald's can I take your order?

Me: double dime and fries, my good dude

Cashier: ...one of those days, huh?

Me: ... yeah...
by N00berson McGee November 16, 2016
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Literally, "Jacking Off (like a) Monkey, Bitch!" Syndrome. First depicted on the youtube video 'Divine Powers" by Makemebad35, aka Damian; caused, as can be inferred, by jacking off so often and/or vigorously that you develop arthritis-type symptoms, usually in the arms and hands, causing you to fail at eating Frosted Flakes. Can only be cured by a clearly insane man pretending to be a "faith healer" slamming the affected wrists onto a table and yelling religious outbursts directed towards the "possessed" appendages.
Victim: "I failed at eating Frosted Fakes!"
Fake Healer: "Well son, it sounds like you got JOMB Syndrome!"
Victim: "JO, what?"
Fake Healer: "Jacking off like a monkey, bitch-a!"
by N00berson McGee December 6, 2010
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