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The inadvertent co-mingling of two or more unique mixtures of gases, i.e., farts, expelled via the recta of two or more individuals, respectively. Generally considered deplorable as another's fart is traditionally considered inimical to one's own.
Somewhere and sometime between our elevator ride from the 9th to the 90th floor, our conflatulence invited the disappointment, and indeed scorn, of the purists among us. This conflatulence was both redolent of and offered new insight into Cole Porter's lament, "Down in the Dumps on the 90th Floor."
by Sleuthsayer February 12, 2011
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When a person is overflowing with attempts to conflate multiple unrelated ideas or issues. Often released in such a manner that it removes all doubt to its true source (read: from their own anus).
"Man, this guy has a serious case of conflatulence"
by Ph4ntasmik July 26, 2017
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