To give praise for ones accomplishments only after said person paid way too much for a college edumacation.
Eric paid a lot of money for college, finally got a job and asked people to congradulate him.
by Crazymikie March 10, 2006
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what morons give each other when they graduate community college. those who earn real degrees give each other congratulations.
Billy Bob: Hey Bubba, congratulations! You did it!
Bubba: ...
Billy Bob: I'mean congradulations on gettin yer degree!
Bubba: Aw shucks, was nuthin. Takin them classes was easy. Them testes was the worstest, though.
by TheShocker68 October 15, 2009
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A common misspelling of the word "congratulations", mainly used by people with a third-grade education.
Ex: Congradulations i am kOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by getshaton February 14, 2012
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it's a tongue-in-cheek misspelling of "congratulations" that's a play on the word graduate.
it means "congrats on ur graduations" :)
Sophie: i heard Mark succeeded in the senior year
Laura : yea, we have to send him our congradualtions

Jo : hey Steve, u made it man. way to go
Dave : Congradulations
Steve: thx guys, i wish ya the same
by memotota June 15, 2009
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