a middle/high-school latino boy, who typically wears nike-jordans, sags his jeans, has a bowl-cut/mushroom-cut, and often says the n-word.
"bruh look at that group of edgars walking by."

"please, why they always waddling, like no one cares if you crease your jordans."
by theheem May 17, 2022
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Edgar is the most common name among takuaches, or Mexican-American teens sporting bowl haircuts, American Fighter t-shirts, gold chains, skinny jeans, and Jordans, and are always driving lowered two-door Chevy Silverado trucks with oversized rims and low profile tires. Edgar's are very common in South Central Los Angeles and Pasadena, Texas and listen to young "Mexillenial" artists such as Natanael Cano, Fuerza Regida and T3R Elemento. They have a tendency to end their sentences with "cuh".
There goes Edgar doing donuts in his Silverado Z71. No quema cuh!
by Porque Me Buscan August 2, 2020
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Typically a young Mexican man age 18-27 who has a fade/ Caesar haircut. Usually wears nothing but young LA and or some type of gym brand. Usually very toxic with woman and gaslights often.
Noun; That guys is such an Edgar.
by Toxic_____ July 24, 2022
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Idk wtf everyone is saying but an edgar is a gay mexican with a bowlcut and wishes he was black so dresses black and says nigga every minute usually act like they bang sets that are non existing
Look at gay edgar
Edgar: Nigga
by Mobbtones September 29, 2020
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Such an amazing friend. He's really confusing at times and hard to understand, but once you get to know the real him you'll understand. He's like a big brother to everyone and is the therapist of the group. But even the guy that helps out the most needs help of his own.
Edgar helped me get over the guy who broke my heart, he's a really good friend.
by his bestiee April 26, 2009
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He's a great person with a lot of anger, but once you get to know him he is a great friend, brother, cousin and Uncle. He could be really confusing sometimes. He always brings the joy to your day and puts a smile on every face. He is also known as a trouble maker most of the time, but he always got your back no matter what.
It would be wonderful if you have such a friend like Edgar.
by ItzEdgar12 March 26, 2017
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The name you want to say all day! A sweet genuinely caring guy! He just wants the best for you and will do all in his power to make it happen. A go getter! He's the best boyfriend and such a honestly beautiful person. He's super hot and sexy and will be competive till the day he's in a wheelchair! He's the number player on the football feild and in the heart! He treats his girlfriend like a queen and will always be my true love! I love you!
Edgar is My boyfriend, a tin solider, prince in all your fairy tails, a hero, the love of my life
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