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1. V. To be condescending to someone. To speak in a superior manner, or patronize someone. The act of being condy.

2. Adj. Any manner of speech that is condescending.
3. N. A person who practices condiness towards others.
House: You have the intellectual capacity of a two year old on Vicodin.
Cuddy: I know I'm not as smart as you, but you don't have to be condy to me about it. Ass.
by Sid Da Kid April 29, 2010
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A condom, jimmy head, rubber, glove, twice rapper
Pat "Dude what the fuck did u just steal?"

Seth "condys bro, not paying for that shit!"
by Alan incognito November 22, 2013
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Slang for condom. Possibly said while drunk, but mostly said just because you can.
My friend Lil Masty needs a condy every saturday night.
by K. Mhettos October 23, 2004
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