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When a reply to a tweet gets more likes than the tweet it was replying to, usually indicating the unpopularity or stupidity of the original tweet
Damn you got 12 likes and his reply got 271 likes? He totally ratioed you bro
by FF29 July 06, 2020
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Uranium; It can be used to make fuel for nuclear reactors and it can also be enriched to make weapons.
There is evidence of yellow cake in Iraq.
by egm23 July 16, 2004
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Concentrated Uranium ore. Can be reprocessed into uranium gas, which is a feedstock for uranium enrichment. Enriched uranium can be used in nuclear weapons; at low levels can be used as fuel for nuclear energy plants.
Guard at the Isfahan Nuclear Conversion Facility in Iran: Look at all that yellowcake in the back of that truck, i hope it isnt used to enrich uranium.
by Gratenkutzombie August 01, 2005
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It can only be contained in a special CIA napkin.But you must pray to god you don't drop that shit.
Guy 1:I just got back from Africa,i brought back some yellow cake.


Guy 2:OH SHI-
by Rick Garcia March 04, 2007
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Fantasy uranium mentioned in Bush's 2002 State of Union address inorder to justify attack on Iraq. aka a balled face lie used to manipulate the masses by a politician.
That speech was riddle with yellow cake - better do some fact checking before you buy into that crap.
by TWade July 29, 2005
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