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a transvestite; a man who, if you saw he and his wife or girlfriend kissing, you might assume to be a lesbian. Not to be confused with a male-to-female transgender lesbian
Eddie Izzard is a male lesbian.
by annonymous July 13, 2004
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Very horney. Practicing mantra.
Im so very very mants. serve it now.
by annonymous April 13, 2005
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Ria is short diareah meaning the ria monster is another word for an abundance amount of diareah that can walk around and eat you. Thus something you dont want.
"Dude did you hear.. spencer bates had a case of the ria monster and skidd'd his pants at hockey the other day"
by annonymous November 29, 2004
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An op, who's immense urge to kick you for no reason defies all logic; a sign of the zodiac
Scorpio kicked me again, for the twentith time in six minutes!
by annonymous December 26, 2003
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putting on a strap on dildo before pegging or vaginal dildo sex
He walked right in on his girlfriend and her new guy when she was in the middle of a strapadictomy.
by annonymous July 14, 2004
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