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Intelligent computer oriented woman

with an un-ending desire to see a certain someone in their "Birthday Suit."
Moonie, you might as well give it up...

I doubt any of us are ever gunna see MacGrad in his "Birthday Suit."

Besides, he says he sent it out for cleaning and that it has "stripes" ~

Not sure any of us want to know what that means ~ lol
by annonymous February 12, 2004
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Condensed spelling of the name of a high ranking member of President George W. Bush's administration.
Bush asks: "Condi, where's my papers on nucular proliferation policy?"
by annonymous December 29, 2004
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Norwell is a small town in Massachusetts. The whackest kids live here. Mad lesbians and red heads. The girls look they've been beaten with a stick and the guys are all pussys. The people who live in this town try to front like they have money by associating their town with Hingham and Cohasset. One word: whack.
Norwell is a town filled with slutty mothers who won't accept the fact that they're no longer 30 and red heads.
by annonymous April 22, 2005
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When people in the same family fuck or have some kind of sexual contact...

((sex-head-eatin out-fingered-kissing-beatin meat))
by annonymous February 21, 2005
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for some reason my example is too short... im sorry for the nonsensicle writings form here on this is to make up for this site wanting bigger words
by annonymous November 19, 2003
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the biggest lushes at Univ. of California, Riverside and the hardest partiers. They also have the most pride in their fraternity, strongest brotherhood, and are apt to do the craziest things.
Damn those Phi Kaps are hardcore.
by annonymous June 2, 2004
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