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Newton: City mostly filled with white jewish people.
South side of Newton: A whole other story!
Newton South kids first cars range from bmw's to acura's to benz's. In order to 'fit in' your shirt must cost more then $40 and your pants must cost atleast $60.
Newton South kids are the true definition of Jewish American Princes/Prince.
by annonymous February 16, 2005
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A school where white people mainly doninate and where they dont... they think they do. Made up of farmer districts (Chesterfield, Springfield, Masfield, and N Hanover) and of coarse lovely McGuire. Our main diversity comes from Mapleton or Base. F'in Confederate flags with proud rednecks that stand behind them, and a hell of a lot of racism issues. Wanna-be bloods, crips, thugs, and ganstas but none of them are as bad as the ag. brats that think they're big because they ride on tractors for a living. Behind all the issues, once weed is involved... everyone gets along.
by annonymous March 13, 2005
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Norwell is a small town in Massachusetts. The whackest kids live here. Mad lesbians and red heads. The girls look they've been beaten with a stick and the guys are all pussys. The people who live in this town try to front like they have money by associating their town with Hingham and Cohasset. One word: whack.
Norwell is a town filled with slutty mothers who won't accept the fact that they're no longer 30 and red heads.
by annonymous April 21, 2005
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a transvestite; a man who, if you saw he and his wife or girlfriend kissing, you might assume to be a lesbian. Not to be confused with a male-to-female transgender lesbian
Eddie Izzard is a male lesbian.
by annonymous July 12, 2004
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Very horney. Practicing mantra.
Im so very very mants. serve it now.
by annonymous April 12, 2005
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1) Washing machine on wheels

2) Crappy little Polish car from the 80's, manufactured by FSO in part by FIAT
Dude, you drive a polonez?!??, yeah I just replaced the hood with scrap and the belts with rubber bands
by annonymous April 13, 2005
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A person who is a prodigy several times over.
The boy was perfect in everything he did. He was polyprodigious!
by annonymous March 28, 2003
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