When two people aren't dating but they are spoken for.
guy and girl meet, live in different states. they aren't dating but they aren't seeing anyone else therefore they are seeing each other.
by Sarah086 December 06, 2006
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When the male half of the relationship does not have the balls to ask out and FINALLY consign commend and commit to the girl he is keeping on hold. Seeing each other is seen as
- (men): The test drive, does he really want this car after he rides it or should he get another one?
- (women): The time in which they believe their still getting to know each other, presume their not ready for a relationship and dream that their going out, without the tags, a thought which has been planted by the spouse who is in denial.

Many people believe there is no such need or use of seeing each other. It is here where we see the advantage of seeing each other. Although this has been said it is important to stress and highlight that this phase should NOT go for mother then 1-3 months at max.
Edessmond: whats the difference between a girl and guy seeing each other and them bf and gf. its the same sh*t
Sarismond and sashmond: EVERYTHING! its totally different. You dont have the same responsibility and commitment etc etc. Its like the engagement period before the wedding, u wana taste of it. If he doesnt plan the date for the wedding with u, u know theres something wrong and he cant commit.
by lalalalallalalalala March 28, 2007
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when the guy doesnt have the balls to tell the girl he only wants to have fun, and doesnt want a relationship, so he tells the girl they are 'seeing eachother'
girl- whats going on with us then?
guy- erm, im not ready for a relationship...
girl- then what do you want?
guy- why dont we just see each other for a while and see how it goes?
girl- so were seeing each other?
guy- yeah
by hanhan2100 June 08, 2012
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