Refers to the attitude or personalities of the cast of the jersey shore.
That "the sittuation" guy is gay as fuck
by The Edukated Won August 5, 2011
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1. the gayest anything could be

2. the most gay in the world
1. A Geogre Michael Elton John and Dave Furnish sandwich

2. You're 'gay as fuck'
by lolipop June 17, 2006
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According to non-named MMA fighter, gay as fuck now refers to anybody who is currently in a heterosexual relationship, thus shifting our very understanding of current slang. TRANSFORMING the gay-marriage issue and negating any sort of mental processes in his brain.
"Is that your girlfriend Matt?

Man you're gay as fuck."
by emze September 9, 2010
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a metro guy who can't admit he's gay
person #1: Hey charlie
person #2: Hey Frank
person #3: (whispers to Frank) you know, I know you both are gay a fucks, so just make out now.
by anonymous_xx2 March 8, 2009
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One who is one gay motherfucker; a way to describe somebody who managed to reach a term that is beyond gay.
“Wow, he is a gay ass fuck if he tried that shit with a dude.”
by 6-21-3-11 15-6-6 February 22, 2018
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