"Yo...you gotta work late?"
"Yeah...FBS my friend...FBS"
by Boney Boney March 10, 2003
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FBS stands for Football Bowl Subdivision in college football. The Football Bowl Subdivision became the new name for Division 1-A in 2006.
"As of 2008, the FBS has 119 teams."
by the snake man October 20, 2008
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"Who's that?"
"You don't know her/him?"
"Let's FBS her/him!!!"
by Phalnax811 December 2, 2008
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1. (Noun) Fucking Bind Spammer

- Stands for the well-known steam community group, ' Fucking Bind Spammers '.

This group originally created for Killing Floor, the game, is now one of the most-known entertaining communities across the genre.

The most famous way of detecting an FBS (Fucking Bind Spammer), is checking their IQ. If they respond with '~' (Tilde) it means they are a legit FBS.

The Steam community for that originated the FBS: groups/FuckingBindSpammers

It is also commonly known that DOOM is toxic.
You M14+Lar players might have cunt-wiring to re-route your fear of the Fucking Binder Spammers, but We've got nerves of steel.

Stfu, you FBS!


A true FBS always knows that Bullpup is superior over a shitty xBow
by Vel-San March 17, 2021
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Fat Booty Syndrome

when a girl had a really fat booty
Damn, Diana totally has FBS!
by PagnumLord May 6, 2017
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Fat Boy Swag or Fat Boy Struggle two meanings that can be used in a good or bad way.
Glenn: i cant believe you got that girls number dude
Jones: FBS! dude, i got that Fat Boy Swag


Jones: dude help me out of this jacket im stuck (starts to sweat and is struggling to breathe)
Glenn: haha "FBS" (Fat Boy Struggle)
Jones: Thanks man! (sarcasm)
by Jones Malones February 5, 2010
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Full body shutter
This term originates back to the summer of 2007. Originally an involuntary spasm when touched by a disapproving female, it has since been adopted by others as a formal way to communicate "that's really gross", or "that's fucked up."

It can be used by males and females and should not be overused. If a person is incapable of shaking the entire body in disgust, they are not allowed to say "aww, fbs", and are excluded from the fan club.
Jen: OMG, Stacey is giving Phil a hug. That bitch!
Jon: Yeah but he's having an fbs, he's clearly not interested
Jen: What a relief! I'm glad fbs exist!

NOTE: The above example is based on an extremely true story. I swear.
by Peaters Griffiens April 17, 2009
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