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When you are digitally communicating with a girl either online or via texting and everything is going great until you ask her on a date, then she stops communicating.
I thought things were going great with this girl i was talking to online. I texted her, she texted back, i texted her back, she texted me back, i texted her back, she texted me back, i texted her back, she texted me back, i asked her if she wanted to have dinner with me sometime and..... she gave me the dinner date ghostie. Haven't heard from her since.
by EggFuYungAtHeart January 29, 2022
A grocery store chain that sells godawful, horrible tasting cheap food but their customers are 100% either crackheads or people who fucked up and had too many kids. When they say how good the food is, what they really mean is how much money they can save on buying food so they can spend on crack or taking more dick so they can have more fucking kids. Aldi milk tastes like the cow had cancer. Aldi ice cream tastes like a bowl of sad.
"I got a gallon of milk for 49 cents at Aldi" - Jessica
"Yeah that milk tastes horrible, why don't you just buy normal milk?" - Thomas
"But think about all the money i save by buying milk at Aldi!" - Jessica
"You're just gonna spend it all on crack, shut up" - Thomas
"Hell yeah! And thanks to Aldi's low prices i can buy a new crackpipe to smoke even more crack in!" - Jessica
by EggFuYungAtHeart January 25, 2022
"Hey you dating that hot new girl from class? Where is she from?" - Carl
"Yeah, she's from India" - Jackson
"Awww snap you bout to get some poonjabi!" - Carl
by EggFuYungAtHeart January 28, 2022
Someone who ghosts someone else aka stops communication with them without reason or justification even after attempts by the other person to continue conversing.
"Hey you still talk to Tina?" - Person 1
"Nah she's a fuckin ghostie" - Person 2
"Really? wtf happened???" - Person 1
"I dunno? She just stopped returning my texts outta the blue! I don't fucking know why!" - Person 2
"Wow what a fuckin ghostie" - Person 1
by EggFuYungAtHeart January 25, 2022
Commissioner of Major League Baseball and an all around faggot. Decided to get MLB involved in politics by removing the All Star Game from Atlanta due to a law passed by the Georgia state legislature. Decided not to punish the Houston Astros after they won a World Series via cheating. Decided to have 7 inning double headers and a runner on 2nd in the 10th inning starting with the 2020 season. Sucks off the owners and fucks over the players any chance he can get. Will probably cause a strike shortened season in 2022 because he's such a flaming piece of hot garbage.
"Hey, remember when Rob Manfred took the All Star Game away from Atlanta!?" - Baseball fan
"Yeah! I had tickets to go too! I was looking forward to it, and he took it away due to a law passed by the state of Georgia that we had no control over!" - Braves fan
"Yeah that was some weak shit, who would do that?" - Baseball fan
"Yeah, and then the Braves went out and won the fucking World Series and that faggot Manfred had to give us the World Series trophy and all the Braves fans booed him in Houstin! Haha! Fuck Rob Manfred!" - Braves fan
by EggFuYungAtHeart January 29, 2022
When you give a girl an orgasm, the big O, in the middle of 69
I was upside-down eating out a girl during 69 and she screamed "oohhhhhhhh!!!" while she had an orgasm so i smacked her on her ass and said "shut up and put that dick back in your mouth" so she did. Can't blame her though, i gave her the ole 609
by EggFuYungAtHeart January 6, 2022
Whenever a certain problem or situation is happening but when you go to show someone else the problem or situation either fixes itself or stops happening. Comes from the Michigan J Frog cartoon where the singing frog will sing for the lone man but stops whenever he tells someone to check it out causing everyone to think he is crazy.
My fucking car just Michigan J Frogged me pretty bad. It was making these weird, loud sound all week long but when i went to take into the auto repair shop it stopped making that sound and it sounded just normal to the maintenance guy so i still don't know what's wrong with it.
by EggFuYungAtHeart January 25, 2022