A large group of houses, all with similar house types. Created in mass at the same time, these houses can be upper or middle class, but rarely lower class. The lots range anywhere from .5 of an acre to a whole acre.
Do you live in the city?

Naw, I live in the suburbs, in a subdivision.
by Raquel Ana March 21, 2007
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Amazing song by an amazing band, Rush. First on their album, Signals. Lotsa synth use, and just... amazing.
Subdivisions makes me cream my pants.
by Mishamish June 5, 2010
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A neighborhood with 50% bullies and crazy people disguised as adults; no life idiots, 20% good kind hearted people and 30% don’t give a fuck
The Brookstone Subdivision - Mont Belvieu has a bad reputation due to their Facebook page and unnecessary childish drama causes by a few residents.
by Stirtheshitpot April 7, 2018
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What Nesti Gegis goes to everyday instead of talking to people who are actually going to listen him.
Person 1: "Hey what's that."

Person 2: "Oh, that's the Subdivision"
by Not nesty Gegis August 7, 2020
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Large scale housing developments designed for the highly mobile American workforce, which moves around laterally geographically and downward economically, being replenished by computers, robots, AI, nobody, and greedy corporate boards and stakeholders at the top. When they first feel the squeeze, employees try to move laterally, finding jobs and corresponding housing in nearby subdivisions. As they age out of the highest paid jobs, they move into more and more remote and chintzier subdivisions. Eventually, should they lose their jobs and become unemployable, they may wind up squatting in an abandoned house in a subdivision, or living in a shantytown laid out to look, inevitably, like a subdivision.
I am so relieved that we moved into a nice subdivision. I feel like so many choices are made for me. Thank goodness my options are limited. Who has time for choices any more? Gotta get back to work.
by Lawless Lucy Levittown October 27, 2022
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