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To create a truly successful movie, the director, writers, actors, and many others must collaborate closely.
by Larstait November 10, 2003
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Bonnie collaborated with Elizabeth by sharing her bourbon. It made the coffee much yummier
by PookieGalore August 24, 2015
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When two artists mutually agree upon a project to work on together, thereby synthesizing their respective talents for the creation of something greater than the simple of their parts.

It should be noted that in most cases, however - the something greater just turns out to be sex.
"Hey wanna collaborate? I live in Dallas but I'd totally come over there to work on something"
"Yea ok!"
by FiftyShades December 14, 2013
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A term used in Northern Ireland by the ironically-named Democratic Unionist Party when they intend on using the controversial Petition of Concern to block democratic decisions they don’t like made by the cross-party Executive.

Traditionally defined as “working together” to every other person on the planet. However, if spoken by a member DUP it means the complete opposite.
“If the Executive make any attempt to push for life saving legislation we don’t agree with, we will collaborate.”
by Peter Robinson November 18, 2020
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To technically execute an arts project thought up by an "artist" with no technical skills.
Do you know any digital video artists in Sydney town that i could collaborate with, I do have an idea working with fishing nets and attaching a go pro on a dancers head as they move through a constructed net environment in a studio space.
by Mr N/A September 18, 2013
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