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When a guy gets really horny, he takes a cold shower to cool down a bit...
Karl: damn girl, u wanna take this to the bedroom?
Girl: Karl u need to take a cold shower!
by Crazzy Charles October 07, 2005
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When a guy is in the shower and masturbates to relieve his sexual frustration.

(cleanest way ever...)
(Over the Phone)
Jessica: "Boy you were in there for quite some time?"

Rick: "Yeah well i had to take a Cold Shower, because you were away in New York"

Jessica: "Are you really that horny?"

Rick: "Yeahhh"
by coxSWAIN44 June 16, 2011
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1.) Something frequent amongst college students living in a dorm.

2.) The penis's worst enemy

3.) When you start fucking a girl and you learn that she has herpes, but you decide to continue anyway because you gone far enough.
1.) The showers in Boyd Hall are so cold. I'm paying $1800 a quarter for a cold shower?

2.) Man, a cold shower can lower a man's self-esteem.

3.) Shit, the girl I fucked has herpes. It's like a cold shower; not what I expected.
by bbare89 September 20, 2009
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adv. 1) completely and absolutely dreadful 2)ugly, displeasing, revolting, or otherwise...suck 3)anything that is the opposite of totally boner
Dude, your hairpiece is so cold shower.

Jenny, let's lose that guy who's following us on the unicycle - he's so cold shower.

You have to shave that mustache, Jim. It's too cold shower.
by Giuseppe and Louis September 18, 2007
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When your taking a shit and cold water splashes onto your asshole.
I got a cold shower at Arbys once.
by ed$ February 07, 2005
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