The term for your mainly group of friends that do things together. And have to respond with YEAHHHH GUY only because it is the manly thing to do. YEAHHHH GUY is the manliest thing to do when you are in a group, the term YEAHHHHHH GUY can be used for pretty much anything you do. When you all link up the way to greet each other with is YEAHHHHH GUY or when your going to do something and you agree "YEAHHHH GUY" is the only way to answer because that's how us guys do it. ITs a club that only YEAH GUYS are allowed to be in because YEAH GUY why not. YEAHH GUY can mean multiple things by the way you tone it, thats why it is such a great Word.... YEAH GUYYY
ex - ay guy lets go to Manhattan tonight to get food - YEAHHH GUY lets go
by LORD_GUY April 8, 2019
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A phrase often used when two or more males become excited due to an almost extrordinary event.
Stew: Hey, did you just see that man perform an almost extrordinary event?!?

Josh: Hmmm it seems i did see that man perform an almost extrordinary event

Stew & Josh: Yeahhh Bwoyy!!
by Mr.NaughtyMan April 29, 2009
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The phrase you should say in a hyped voice as you walk by a good friend in the hallway at school while you give him a high five. Doesn't usually work saying to girls or grown adults.
Yeahhh Boieee- Yoooo!!! It's Yeah Boieee (name of person)!!!!!!
by Christian jphs October 2, 2015
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