Karla is a rare latin beauty. She is the most beautiful Peruvian girl. She is really smart & at the same time she is a bad ass. She is strong sexy kind & incredibly gifted between the sheets. A great kisser & a personality that will have you thinking, "shes amazing". A great friend. she dont take shit from anyone. Shes Not only beautiful on the inside but also on the outside. She has beautiful big eyes, brown hair, & a great body. She has the triple "B" factor BRAIN, BODY, & BEAUTY she's outgoing, generous but stubborn. She's an amazing girlfriend if you have a karla as a girlfriend or friend dont let her go, if you do you are stupid. She really commits to a relationship, she will never break up with you without a good reason. She is loyal & trustworthy,Everything any guy could ever dream of. God really took his time making her she is simply one of his perfect creation.Her weakness is falling in love. If she gets hurt by guys alot she will just start fucking around and wont date for a while. Dont betray her trust because its hard to earn it in the first place. Family means the world to her. but there are some rough patches between them. Friends are what keeps her up in her times of need. if you wanna have her in your life, keep it real. Fake people are easily spoted by karla & she will FUCK you up if you do her wrong. not only she will destroy u, but she has alot of people that would kill or take a bullet for her.
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She's the most ridiculous person you'll ever meet (in a funny way). She's not afraid to make herself look stupid in public. if she is ever mean to you and you are one of her friends dont get offended that is just how she shows you she loves you so much. If you have a KARLA in your life you are one lucky person.
Example 1
Friend: (looks sad)
Karla: Who do i need to beat up.

Example 2

Miguel :wow, who is that girl
Adrian: Her name is Karla, she's fucking gorgeous!

Miguel: I wanna get with her

Adrian: good luck! she's not an easy girl. She is beautiful and sassy….very rare to find a woman like that these days!

Miguel: Yo! are you in love?!

Adrian: fuck! i think i might be.
by Usa dictionary.com November 9, 2018
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The definition of amazing, she's very caring and unique. She's an 11/10 and she stands out above everyone else. She's just about what you could ever want in somebody.
Stranger: who's that?
Stranger 2: that's Karla. She's perfect.
by Karla's #1 fan July 18, 2019
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Karla is smart, beautiful girl and loyal friend. She don't like when people talks behind her back. She doesn't like fake people and girls who thinks that there are the only beautiful and sexy girls in the world. She can be bitchy sometimes and make some people who hate her fell like a shit. She is a girl who can always make you laugh and be there for you when you fell like shit.
Friend: Look someone is talking behind your back.
Karla: Their are back for a reason.
by Sleepy girl January 15, 2018
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An amazing girl with a great heart, personality and an amazing smile.
Karla, I love you more than anything in the world and will until the end of time.
by Robert Vincent Zumstein February 12, 2017
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a great, loyal friend; someone who gives all of themselves in any relationship, honest, faithful, pure in heart, true to one's self
by UnKnown_@ November 23, 2017
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Karla is an amazing person to have as a friend, she is very kind and caring. If anyone messes with any of her friends, she will not be scared to punch anyone. She is very good at singing. And will help you out with anything. All in all, you are one lucky person to have Karla as a friend.
Girl: Hey, look its Karla!
by abcdefGOD June 12, 2018
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godamn that bitch is fine. ha she is one smart girl that chooses to rebel every once in a while. a great friend and doesnt take shit from anyone. falling inlove is her weakness and being loved back is her desire. strong intelligent sexy kind and incredibly gifted between the sheets. great kisser and a personality that will have you thinking, "shes amazing". dont betray her trust because it is hard for her to trust you in the first place. family means the world to her although there are some rough patches between them. friends are what keep her hopes up in her times of need, and if you wanna have her in your life, keep it real. fake people are easily targeted by karla and she will rock you if you pull the wrong string. she is strongbut when it comes to love she weakends at the thought of losing it. karla is incredible, so remember that next time you meet a karla.
boy: baby i love you.
Karla: dont say it if you dont mean it.
i mean it so ill say it back, baby i love you too.

Friend: that bitch said ******
Karla: Lets fuck her up.
by fuckabitch99 February 11, 2011
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