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The most beautiful Peruvian girl you'll ever meet. She is very sweet and loving. She tends to be very shy, just take the time to talk to her and get to know her you are guaranteed to love this rare latin beauty. Not only is she beautiful on the inside but also on the outside. She has beautiful big eyes, shiny long brown hair, and a great body. She is the best girlfriend a guy could ever want. To date her is comparable to heaven on earth. She is the type of girl who will inevitably allure you with her presence. Karla is loyal and trustworthy. She's a wonderful kisser and she is very seductive. Once you get a taste of her soft pedal lips, you'll be hooked for life.
Michael :wow, who is that girl?
James: Her name is Karla, she's fucking gorgeous!
Michael: I wanna get with her
James: good luck! she's not an easy girl. She is beautiful and classy….very rare to find a woman like that these days!
Michael: Yo! are you in love?!
James: fuck! i think i might be.
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by wolfmode247 November 10, 2015
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a great, loyal friend; someone who gives all of themselves in any relationship, honest, faithful, pure in heart, true to one's self
by Coral June 22, 2003
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godamn that bitch is fine. ha she is one smart girl that chooses to rebel every once in a while. a great friend and doesnt take shit from anyone. falling inlove is her weakness and being loved back is her desire. strong intelligent sexy kind and incredibly gifted between the sheets. great kisser and a personality that will have you thinking, "shes amazing". dont betray her trust because it is hard for her to trust you in the first place. family means the world to her although there are some rough patches between them. friends are what keep her hopes up in her times of need, and if you wanna have her in your life, keep it real. fake people are easily targeted by karla and she will rock you if you pull the wrong string. she is strongbut when it comes to love she weakends at the thought of losing it. karla is incredible, so remember that next time you meet a karla.
boy: baby i love you.
Karla: dont say it if you dont mean it.
i mean it so ill say it back, baby i love you too.

Friend: that bitch said ******
Karla: Lets fuck her up.
by fuckabitch99 February 10, 2011
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The most beautiful girl in the world with so many talents,lifts you up when you down and is the person in your life that keeps you going no matter what. Humble, honest, trustworthy and honorable.. Great morals and ethics. The person who brightens up everybodies day simply by being herself. Honestly the girl I couldn't live without. Everything any guy could ever dream of, simply one of gods angels:)
Guy 1:wow that girl is amazing,, who is she?
Guy 2:She's a karla:)
by coolest captain:) April 14, 2011
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karla comes from spain, and its a very pretty name, everyone likes her and she is very sweet and she will help you on anything, she is one of the smartest people on the group and she will never backstab you and she is very beautiful inside and out!
boy:here comes karla
girl:shessoo nice and smart and sweet!
by danceprincess November 20, 2010
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Karla is an amazing girl. She's kind, caring, open-minded, intelligent, principled, and of course sexy. She's the hottest piece of ass and tits you'll ever find. She's the most ridiculous person you'll ever meet (in a funny way). She's not afraid to make herself look stupid in public, because that's just how she is. When you meet a Karla don't play around with her because she does not appreciate fake people. Karla is also very humble and down-to-earth.
Friend: Hey Karla you're awesome
Karla: thanks so are you darling.
by the-shamazing-shaniqua January 27, 2013
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also KHARLA/CARLA; a beautiful, sexy woman; she's witty, smart, she has the triple "B" factor - BRAIN, BODY, & BEAUTY; she's outgoing, generous, but can be stubborn sometimes. she's a true love.
by sarcasticlaugh October 26, 2011
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