"This Code Sucks"

An acronym to leave in computer code comments to fellow programmers. It can be used to acknowledge crappy code that a programmer doesn't have time to clean up or fix.
// TODO: TCS. wastes too much memory
by millerb June 19, 2009
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(Throbbing Cock Syndrome)-When you get blue balled multiple nights in a row and after the 5th day your package is so teased that it feels like your cock and balls has its own pulsating heart beat.
Well my wranglers couldn't fit today because they were strangling my TCS!
by Seve Bonerski February 05, 2011
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The best-selling sandwich at Cherry Valley Deli & Grill in Whitestone, NY, consisting of chicken cutlet, melted american cheese and brown gravy on a toasted hero or roll.
A bushman is like a tcs only with bacon and on garlic bread. they both freaking awesome.
by ohmygosh July 28, 2006
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Too Cool Syndrome. Probably originated at frost valley, but who knows.
That girl won't lip synch to Baby One More Time with her underwear over her shorts with the rest of us; she must have TCS!
by poonface mcgee August 09, 2005
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It means THIS CLASS SUCKS mostly used in a Language Arts and Math class especially the teachers.
Oh my gosh I don't want to be in math class again especially for 2 periods!! MAN TCS
by RawDoubleP February 28, 2017
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