Some who is great in bed. Always having cold hands.
If you always have cold hands you are great in bed.
by River Tiffany October 17, 2006
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Shit excuse for having shit aim in a video game. And yet happens to the best of us

also a medical term or something lol
bro, I could have killed him if I didn't have cold hands!

lmao fuck off you're just trash
by A Slice Of Pizza June 28, 2020
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To be wanked off by a corpse
In 1972, Gary Glitter (real name Paul Gadd) was rumoured to have been cold handed by his Great Aunt at her open casket funeral, in full view of the congregation.
by Cold Hand Luke December 06, 2008
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(Scottish) n. personal sexual touch; must leave hand outside the window in Edinburgh for an enlightened or philosophical amount of time until chilled.
"She called to tell me aboot her wee Halloween costume."
"Och, did ye' get a cold hand Maggie?"
by Dr. Boswell October 28, 2011
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Waking someone up by giving them a hand job after sticking your hand in the freezer, in cold water, out the window during the winter.
"I heard she gave him a cold hand Maggie"
"That's disgusting! What a whore! Did she give him Dave's crutches as well?"
by Fine Fez October 30, 2011
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When you have to piss but your hand is cold and the only way to get your dick out is to grab it is with literally popsicle fingers. Totally sucks
I really wanted to piss but that Alaskan cold hand Richards got me.
by Fayd Rautha November 08, 2017
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