A Scottish word, used to curse, in the same way as 'Oh no!' can be used.

This word often comes naturally to Scots, as a sound made to describe misery or anger.

Also used with the word 'aye' to mean 'all is well'.
1. "Och, it's been bucketin' rain all day!"

2. "It's och aye the noo."
by Lobsterface December 17, 2005
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basically the same as the scottish definition, but can be said by any dialect- used as a humerous term. this version of och lightens up a sentence, Or it can be effectively used to break any awkward silences
och no!, och yeah!, Och fish pie, *an awkward silence* OCH!
by Lil China Doll April 28, 2006
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Word used to describe a mexican male.
by K-Noodle October 29, 2006
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This is the term for someone who, during an argument, he know he is wrong smoothly changes his postion to your position in an attempt to appear he was right all along.
Joe and Jeff were debating the cause of the web-page failure at work. Jeff knew that it was the IIS settings but Joe was sure it was in the html code. Once Joe realized Jeff was right he said, "oh yeah, the ASP settings in IIS, that what I said". Jeff then questioned his argument and realized Joe was right. Jeff had been oched!
by Jeff Suneson February 28, 2006
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Òché typically means king.
It represents royalty, nobility, intelligence and is a role model of how men should behave. Oche is no ordinary name as it is given to kings or someone who has the same quality of what an exemplary king should be anywhere.
The man who cares and provides deserves to be called Oche.

He speaks, dresses and behaves well, he is above the tag of a gentleman, he is an Oche.

You are my Oche.
by DaveSparks December 1, 2020
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OCHS is in Ocean Shitty, NJ. All upper, sea isle and Ocean City kids go there. We HATE mainland. Their are more drug dealers then their are black kids and we think we're gang members. We suck at sports since we all white. Our parents are millionaire's. We have a surf club and thats the only thing we win. Our librarian fucked a horse. On the weekend everyone gets shitty and higher then our parents income but never in OC, bangers always get crashed by the rent-a-cops.

609 - for life
I'll meet you under the arch at OCHS.

OCHS has the best bangers.

OCHS reppin 609
by OCHS best dealerr January 22, 2011
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Being completely destroyed , usually from alcohol.
I was so oched last night.
by opm213 August 16, 2011
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