A slutty outfit that you really shouldn't be wearing on any other day than Halloween, unless you're in Seaside Heights.
Snooki was wearing a total Halloween costume at Karma last night.
by jwoww1990 July 27, 2010
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when a girl has a tight complexion but procedes to apply makeup to turn into diva or premadonna. This girl will then match her clothes accordingly. She then recognizes other people as fake, snotty, a slut or a loser.
I didn't know it was near the day of the dead so what is up with your Halloween Costume?

That girl with the Halloween Costume called me a slut as I was just coming back from the balcony admiring the beauty of the moon at our prom.

She with the Halloween Costume ovfr there made chit chat about your ass over there with the men and now they think you're a whore.
by ewwhataloser December 5, 2009
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someone wears the iconic Fortnite charather "Fabio Sparklemane" for Halloween
Dylan: are you going to wear your Fabio Sparklemane Halloween Costume tomorrow?
Liam: stfu
by Hammong Main October 28, 2021
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A sexy Halloween costume for women, based on something not generally considered sexy.
Some current examples of Rule 34 Halloween costumes you can buy: sexy Grinch, sexy Lorax, sexy Hamburglar, sexy ear of corn, etc.
by SyDy September 27, 2013
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A formula which can be applied in order to make any Halloween costume, regardless of how plain or innocent, slutty enough to be given the "sexy" title by the Halloween costume industry. The formula, from the shoes up, goes as follows: fuck-me pumps or heels, stockings, a short skirt or booty shorts, and a top to indicate what the wearer is supposed to be dressed as. Accessories are optional.
To make a sexy police officer costume, we can apply the slutty women's Halloween costume formula: black fuck-me pumps, fishnet stockings, a blue miniskirt, and a blue button-up blouse with a police badge.
To make a sexy maid: black fuck-me heels, black stockings, black miniskirt, and a white apron.
by Ronny teh Pir8 October 12, 2008
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