A situation that is totally fucked up, especially as a result of managerial incompetence.

Originally of military origin; a double play on the word "cluster," both evoking multiple fuckups, as used in the term "cluster bomb," and evoking the oak leaf or star "cluster" insignia of the REMF who did the fucking.
Military: "Fuck, I heard Wilkins bought it last night going into that 'headquarters building.' The fucker was shit empty except for the IED that blew him to hell. Took two other guys' legs off and shit. Whose goddamed idea was that whole clusterfuck, anyway?"

Civilian: "That Big Dig is a complete clusterfuck from end to end. Over budget, over due, and now under water."

Incorrect, but sounds like fun: "The three of us got together and clusterfucked all night."
by The Fucking Police September 18, 2006
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Military origin, but in general usage.

A total and complete failure due to someone's idiocy.

Also known as "Charlie Foxtrot".
Don't let Jon touch that computer, he's a walking Charlie Foxtrot.
by CF May 01, 2003
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Chaos. Anything that is occuring in a haphazardly. The situation is not even thinking about dreaming about having a sense of order. A clustering of items (usually people) in a fucked up way.
When people are trying to get off an airplane and retrieve their baggage from the overhead bins... that is a cluster fuck.
by alllwant April 21, 2005
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a shitstorm of bad stuff happening all at once.
Adriana: Wow I'm getting sued, got into a car accident, got verbally abused from one of my best friends over a dumb rumor, jury duty, my TA lost all of my essays, and school started...

Jamal: What. A. Clusterfuck.
by Johnsmith1010101 March 28, 2011
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Term that is military in origin, and used to refer to officers in associated positions of power and resulting decisions that resulted in: poor decision making, emotional reactivity, increased number of casualties, and an overall sense of distrust in poorly-qualified leadership.

Currently used in popular culture to describe any situation in which: extrememly poor decisions are made for the purpose of very tired and predictable personal gain, without consideration for how decisons impact others, and an overall sense of intimidation due to lack of competence and personal responsibility by the aggresor.
Rob: "May I have permission to take a piss? Oh, and by the way, everyone is questioning your authority."

Lizzie: "No, you need to hold it for another 43 minutes and I don't care who does what. I've already thrown everyone under the bus, let's sit back and watch it unfold. I created this cluster fuck."
by DoAsISay111 September 14, 2010
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When events spiral out of control; when two or more events occur at the same time.
My car was totaled, my husband was arrested, and I can't bail him out. Man, what a clusterfuck!
by TGob December 27, 2005
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1) An term to describe the use of a large number of people to accomplish a task. The outcome can be negatively affected when too many personnel are applied.

2) A military or online-gaming term for a military screw-up. Usually due to incompetent commanders... often results in friendly fire. Possibly an indication that two many soldiers were needlessly deployed in a small area.
programmer #1: there's like 20 people working on that bug.
programmer #2: uh, I think it'll be a total clusterfuck

soldier #1: awe fuck, I just shot Bobby
soldier #2: we're shooting at our own guys, this is a total clusterfuck!
by Leigh July 19, 2004
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