When nobody (in administration) is doing their job and people can pretty much do what they want without being held accountable for anything.
All the kids in school were skipping classes and the teachers were doing absolutely nothing. What a clusterfuck!
by firestar March 3, 2007
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An unorganized mess, something that will be difficult to organize again.
Sara's room is a clusterfuck
by the drew-miester October 30, 2004
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(n.) A crowded, confusing, awkward, uncomfortable and possibly painful situation, usually involving a large group of people with whom one does not want to spend a lot of time.
I'm not looking forward to visiting my in-laws over the holidays. The wife's entire screwed up family will be there: the second and third wives and husbands and their kids, and even the exes with their new families. It's gonna be a real clusterfuck.
by V.I. Levin May 5, 2009
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A hard drive with a lot of bad sectors.
That hard drive was a real clusterfuck!
by Maverick1010101 August 28, 2009
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Well, it's nice to see the DNC (Democratic National Committee) has a new group of clusterfucks to make fun of.
by suasponte75 August 27, 2006
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everyday working conditions in a retail location where management has no fucking clue what day of the week it is; least of all what's going on with their own business.
"Today was a complete clusterfuck because he was more concerned with spiking the ball than being at work. It was so bad I had to get crunk!"
by a$$wipe July 20, 2006
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many people fucking up or simply fucking at the same time
What a clusterfuck
by MUVVA February 13, 2004
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