A derogatory term used to describe a system or operation that has been totally hosed up by a group of managers who couldn't leave well enough alone.
Better back up that estimate, there's a cluster fuck where the Planning Department used to be.
by Concerned Citizen #6942 February 16, 2002
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Marine slang -- A clusterfuck was any group of Marines big enough to draw enemy fire, or several Marines close enough together to be wounded by the same incoming round. More generically, a clusterfuck was something that was all screwed up. Whenever three or more CAP Marines gathered in the open, talking or working on something, somebody was sure to call out "clusterfuck!" and one or more guys would walk away.
4 Marines were killed in a giant clusterfuck.
by RobOfDayton September 29, 2005
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Military in origin, but often used in paramilitary organizations like cadets. Used to describe a situation that has gone horrendously wrong. Almost always involves a large group of people that are disorganized: where the leader has failed.
(Can often refer to a performance by a group of people; drill performance, play, skit that fails to entertain)
J: "OMG... that unit has the worst drill I've ever seen..."
K: "It's like a huge cluster fuck!"
by RedLead February 28, 2006
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a shitstorm of bad stuff happening all at once.
Adriana: Wow I'm getting sued, got into a car accident, got verbally abused from one of my best friends over a dumb rumor, jury duty, my TA lost all of my essays, and school started...

Jamal: What. A. Clusterfuck.
by Johnsmith1010101 March 28, 2011
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When a series of events collide to create a huge predicament.
"The rescue teams' helicopter crashed while trying to rescue the survivors, turning the once huge problem into a clusterfuck."
by Heraf May 01, 2003
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