while walking in the hallway at school, there is a mass abundance of black people that is hard or impossible to get around.
charlie: dammit, look - an oil spill.
jake: looks like we gotta take the long way, im not gonna try to get around that.
by jakeydies May 13, 2006
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The act of seducing a woman into a porta potty; with intentions of lude acts, in this example "head". At the moment of climax, the member is removed from her mouth and ejaculate is then sprayed into her eyes, causing momentary blindness. Exactly at this moment, while the woman is rubbing the man paste out of her eyes, the man locks her into the porta potty and proceeds, then to flip it over with all excriment, spilling like a overflowing tank.
Meg after her one o'clock chimichanga, goes into the porta-potty for some rectile incontinence, not knowing that Kory was in there already, experiecing some rapid exit of his own; the two hit it off aka massive seduction, and an oil spill ocurred shortly thereafter.
by lbandpookie May 28, 2007
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You know you hit black gold, when you are fucking a girl in the ass for to long of a time period, which builds the gas up and the girls’ asshole wants to explode. Instantly, the women is spraying shit all over your dick and balls, it is highly recommended to keep fucking her in the ass to plug the “Oil Spill”. Get her to clean off the main drill pipe every now and then by putting your dick in her mouth (see also, Jersey Turnpike) or wipe it off on her top lip (see also, “advanced dirty sanchez”). Candles, cigarettes, or any other flammable objects should not be used in conjunction with this act.
When I was banging her in the ass, she had an oil spill that ruined the sheets, but it was worth it.
by TB May 27, 2004
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collective noun that refers to a large group of:
a. Black People, BPs
b. Mexicans or Latinos, if the Hispanics are greasy.
Those wetbacks have so much hairgel, they just spread out like the oil spill of Mexico.
by racistrandy June 17, 2010
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A very dark-skinned black person usually a male, taken from Daman Wayans describing his nemesis in the movie "The Great White Hype"
Wayans (at press conference towards Artemus): Look at you over there looking like a god-damned oilspill.
by Guinea-Wop-Eggplant May 11, 2006
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