The result of male masturbation in a bathtub.

YO! I was jackin' off in the tub last night and had a wicked oil spill!
by the kid kd January 30, 2008
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while walking in the hallway at school, there is a mass abundance of black people that is hard or impossible to get around.
charlie: dammit, look - an oil spill.
jake: looks like we gotta take the long way, im not gonna try to get around that.
by jakeydies May 13, 2006
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The act of seducing a woman into a porta potty; with intentions of lude acts, in this example "head". At the moment of climax, the member is removed from her mouth and ejaculate is then sprayed into her eyes, causing momentary blindness. Exactly at this moment, while the woman is rubbing the man paste out of her eyes, the man locks her into the porta potty and proceeds, then to flip it over with all excriment, spilling like a overflowing tank.
Meg after her one o'clock chimichanga, goes into the porta-potty for some rectile incontinence, not knowing that Kory was in there already, experiecing some rapid exit of his own; the two hit it off aka massive seduction, and an oil spill ocurred shortly thereafter.
by lbandpookie May 29, 2007
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oil spill- when it hot outside and you have to run to the toilet and dont make it in time.
I was walking down the street, then kicked it into high gear, B-lined to nearest crapper unsuccessfully and had an oil spill.
by terrance ward April 4, 2007
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oil spill- while a female is taking a bath, a male with a raging case of explosive diarrhea defecates into the bathtub!
Man 1: I'm going to oil spill your lady friend
by hobbitchaser April 20, 2011
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Term used when a person enjoying drank or lean get a little too loose and spills some of said beverage. Referenced in an episode of Hamilton's Pharmacopia based in Houston, it "messes up the environment and makes everyone all sad, kind of like a real oil spill.
What's that big wet spot on the couch?

Oh, Hector and Jamal were over here getting crazy and one of them spilled their "drank."

Definite oil spill playa.
by $lapaho March 22, 2019
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