To have bad luck, to be upset.
Jason was wounded to find out that his girlfriend had dumped him.
by Olly August 30, 2003
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When its gone pear shaped.
Girl: Hey my apple is pear shaped

Guy: Wounded
by Matt Knight November 17, 2004
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Originally used in certain areas of the UK as an expression to describe how "The truth hurts". Has evolved into every day use as a term used to describe one's pain and severe social suffering.
Ian (to Dave) - "You gonna start filling those footings or what kid?"
Wayne - "Nah his heads too fogged up from last night, ain't it!"
Dave = Wounded

Ryan - "So when shall I pick up my tickets for Bath and West?
Ben - "Uh... we didn't get you one mate"
Ryan = Wounded
by R. B. C. May August 22, 2007
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Something unattractive, or particularly ugly/backward.
That scar? Hella wounded.
by Bexx January 28, 2005
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when a girl or guy is drunk ass fuck, or ugly ass fuck.
exp #1: Damn Joanna, how you gonna hook up my boy Jacobo with her, she's fuckin wounded!

exp #2: This party is crackin. I'm fuckin wounded!
by Big Marco July 28, 2011
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A cut so deep it renders the opposed unable to banter back – or back banter. – basically they have been done in, totally merc’d. In times of delusion many think they have ‘wounded’ or even been ‘wounded’ themselves. Only documented ‘wound’ involved a monkey and a koala.

Ey la I’ve been wounded. Shall I tell her? Best not
Why did the first Koala fall out of the tree?
It was dead.
Why did the monkey fall out of the tree?
It was playing follow the leader.

no plaster for that monkey boi - wounded
by wounder August 25, 2009
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