1. When something is a complete disaster
2. A situation that is highly unwanted
3. A word used in aggrivation at least once a day to describe the horrible trials a person may be going through (I say may because some ppl are just over dramatic)
1. Travis had to re-write his thesis paper while trying to work a job, spend time with his crazy gf, and deal with his mom. He gets everything but the paper done. looks at what needs to be done. has to write 50 pages in an hour. This would be a clusterfuck.

2. Travis gets put in a clusterfuck when his face gets farted on by his girlfriend.

3. Stagger Lee has an absolutely amazing life. He is rich, good-looking, charming, and talented. He gets dirt on his shirt one day. This would NOT be a clusterfuck. It would just be an inconvience.
by TLeesgirl April 26, 2010
1) someone whos screwed up in a LOT of ways
2) a really complicated, bad situation
1) wow. ive seen some screwed up people in my time, but she is a class A clusterfuck.
2) oh god this could turn into a bit of a clusterfuck if we dont do something now.
by PiixieLou October 29, 2008
Multiple negative events happening in a short period of time i.e. an hour.
I was just fired from my job, and on my way home I was in an accident that was totally my fault. Then I was hit by another car while figuring out the details. Today is just a clusterfuck kinda day.
by lh_photographer September 24, 2010
The actions and disorganization of President Trump have been a real clusterfuck.
by TruePatriot2017 February 4, 2017
The additional traffic congestion that inevitably results when a public works department decides to fix a traffic congestion problem by doing significant, lengthy roadwork in the affected area.
The intersection at the eastern terminus of State Road 520 in Redmond, WA, will be widened during 2007, resulting in a clusterfuck for at least the duration of that project.
by former technologist April 18, 2006
Reminiscent of when 50 dicks try to get in one hole. Everything is so jammed and tangled up nothing can move in any direction.
I tried to make things better but was stuck in a huge clusterfuck.
by Marie May 21, 2003
An unorganized mess, something that will be difficult to organize again.
Sara's room is a clusterfuck
by the drew-miester October 30, 2004