Also: Fuster Cluck
Term used to describe the state of affairs resulting from too many staffers and not enough TRAINED staffers on a project. This usually happens as a result of a rush or deadline which cannot be met, when managers or planners resort to simply adding warm bodies to the effort out of sheer desperation or incompetence. Also results from having a surplus of supervisors or other overhead-related personnel who cannot actually perform any useful work towards project goals, especially where the prescence or contributions of these people hinders work performed by others.
"Man, we were 8 days behind schedule on that project so my manager decided to send us all of his interns as well as show up himself. Turned it into a complete clusterfuck. There must have been 20 guys in one cube at once."
by Nathan March 05, 2005
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The only word / colloquialism left in the scope in the English language which can accurately describe the BP oil spill situation in the Gulf of Mexico.
A: Have you heard the latest on the oil spill? B: Yeah, what a clusterfuck that's turning out to be.
by Daggoth T. Rothri June 03, 2010
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Originally a military term, but increasingly used to describe a particularly fucked up, chaotic or disorganized workplace or office situation.
Example 1:

Mike: "Hey who ran all these network cables under my cubicle? Where am I supposed to put my feet?"

Ryan: "Dude, we're putting in the new computers, we need relocate you to a desk in the basement."

Mike: "Jesus, what a clusterfuck this place is!"

Example 2:

Denise: "Be glad you missed the sales meeting today, there weren't enough chairs in the conference room and half of us had to stand, then that idiot Laura knocked over her venti Starbucks coffee all over the table. It even got the phone wet and everyone on the dial-in line got disconnected. God, what a clusterfuck!"

Brianna: "Like oh my god, total!"
by SoCaliCali January 10, 2009
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1) a bad situation that involves many different smaller situations to create one massive insanely intense ordeal.

2)when to many things happen at once, making it extremely hard to comprehend.
1) Holy shit! i can't believe my girlfriend was fucking your boyfriend, and they both got into a car accident, and your brother just got arrested, and Jimmy is trying to commit suicide! This whole day was just one big clusterfuck!

2) Wait...i dont understand this movie, who the hell is that guy and why is he now pointing a gun at that other dude..? And when the fuck did they go to the jungle?
by CzarOfSlang April 21, 2010
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