currently laughing uncontrollably (clu)
laughing uncontrollably (lu)
rolling on floor laughing uncontrollably (roflu)

Another less annoying version of 'lol'
Bronson:"I am currently laughing uncontrollably."
by BRONSON552 October 20, 2007
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Clus: clitoris in your arse
Clusticle: a dry, over ripe, out dated clus
You're a clus! (derogatory)
Whey clus! (greeting)
So, how's your clus? (in reference to another thing)
Oi, punce, your clusticle is showing.
by Sketch June 10, 2004
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- stuck to an object using dried body fluids - usually semen

- usually happens to the outer labia or tip of the penis getting stuck to the underwear a few hours after masturbating or not washing the genitals after having sex.


(n) cum + (n) glue
We finished our track runs and now my shirt's clued to me.
by mpeg1740 October 15, 2010
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Opposite of "Clueless."

Knowing, in the loop; in possession of the right information.
His mother thought she was Clued-in, but she really knew nothing about what the kids were doing.
by WriteNow November 23, 2009
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When and a ooutfit is hella fire
That fit is clu my guy
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to figure something out. To put together various pieces of information to reach a logical conclusion based on the information gathered.
From the Childrens TV show where the host would discover what the Dog Blue wanted to do using 3 clues.
Mike:Ya i checked my GFs phone saw joe called her before she went "to the library" and noticed that she smelt of soomeones elses cologne.

Ike: Dude i Blues Clued It, shes cheating on you with joe.
by BDBG8andaQuarter2 August 1, 2009
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