Pronounced the same as the word "way".
Used to add humiliation to a situation or simply to annoy a subject. Can also be used to show pride if used correctly!
Man: Aw man, my wife just left me!
Friend: Whey!

Man: How do you spell concentration?
Friend: Whey! You don't know! Whey! Whey! Whey!
Man: Fine, I'll ask someone else.....
Man: Shut up you're so annoying!
Friend: Whey! Whey!

Man: So how do you spell concentration?
Friend: I think it's C-O-N-C-E-M.....
Man: Whey! It's "N" not "M", whey! I know how to spell it! Whey! Whey! Whey!
by Simon Alnaimi September 3, 2007
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1) to supliment an amuseing anectode
2)highlight given persons misfortune
1) Matty Solid:'communisum was a good idea but failed in practice'
Unruly Crowd: 'WHEY WHEY WHEEEEYYY' (can be repeated or one long whey also adding a short sharp choad is acceptable)

2) wafer: (faceplants the floor)
by rho March 18, 2008
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Can mean absolutely anything. Whey! See, just said it, didn't mean much!
Dave: I found a pound!
Jimbo McLarry: Whey!

Mum: Supper's nearly ready!
Boy: Whey!
by Barry June 4, 2004
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whey - (noun) the turn of phrase used to represent an unfortunate event whereby the participant undertakes an action somewhat away from the norm which viewers or viewees feel a sense of accomplishment and the sudden urge to "whey"
A freekick sails miles wide and out for a throw in to the opposing side in a football match
Crowd reaction = one whole hearted "Whey"
by Dan December 25, 2004
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A broadly used term to define expressions or acknowledgements. can be used instead of: Hello, goodbye, good job on that carbon cloth with the pre preg epoxy, i agree, glad to see your putting in the effort, i like Beverly Ridges, yachting is fun...etc
by landos kibby November 21, 2003
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Also spelled, guey, jue, wae, waaay depending upon accent.
It means everything.
Person 1: Whey, whatchu talkin bout whey?
Person 2: This whey was talking chit whey.
by swimminfish September 14, 2009
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Whey is a nonsensical exclamation of sorts. It is also a form of protein that you might find in a nutritional store in several delicious flavors.
Billy:Damn! Sean looks built!

Bob:Fuckin' A! It's those damn whey protein shakes.
by Glore March 28, 2005
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