The name Bronson originated between the 12-15 century of English origin, the meaning being Son of the brown one and or son of a dark Man.The name is also a very rare first name,but a somewhat common last name,and extremely rare Girl's name, usually given to a baby as a masculine indicator.It is also a common name for larger Dog species, and the name usually given in English speaking Countries. Their are also several place's In the U.S named Bronson and a handful of celebrities named Bronson. The most notable being a Baby Boomer's favorite actor,Charles Bronson,a somewhat old school Jason Statham. Bronson's tend too be all rounder's, loyal, mistrustful of other's at first, very devoted, indomitable, majestic, highly creative and cherished by other's. They also are mature and highly focused people, therefore they only attract or surround themselves with person's of a highly regarded nature. If you do meet a Bronson chances are your a wise person who has their best interest's in mind.Also not to be confused with Brandon or Branson.
Bronson is life
by Super marvelous November 13, 2014
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A Man of masculinity, with biceps and pectorials that are to die for. A Man who is usually chased by attractive women.
oo look at that Bronson....I want him inside me!
by SuPERf0B333 June 5, 2011
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The name Bronson (pronounced BRAHN-sun), is of Middle English origin meaning “son of the dark one”. The name is primarily utilized in English speaking countries. Bronson is an uncommon first name for men but a very common last name for both men and women.

Usually faithful and generous with a great capacity for affection. Bronson is gentle, even tempered, good natured, modest and slow to anger, disliking quarreling and avoiding ill-feeling. If provoked however, can explode into violent outbursts of ferocious anger in which can seem to lose all self-control.

"Beware the fury of a patient man."
"Don't pick on that one. He's apt to go Bronson on you."
by Juan Sánchez Villa-Lobos February 4, 2010
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A man with the big shmeat. He’ll give any man, woman, or child the shmeat. Usually found reading the Bible and swimming. He is also Jewish despite reading the Bible all the time.
Me: Bronson gave me the shmeat.
Other guy: You lucky bastard.
by TheShmeatLord April 8, 2019
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can of beer, specifically used in reference to a cheap, watery beer such as Bud/Coors light.

Typically used in conjuction with the subject-descriptor "hoser"
Get off your lazy ass and toss me a Bronson, you hoser! The game is about to start!
by Evan Smethurst December 15, 2003
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Other half; someone who you cannot be without.
I miss you so much, you are the Bronson to my Johnson.
by lonelygirl928 February 8, 2010
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The art of finding a reason to leave work early
That guy is pulling another Bronson by trying to make THE GREAT ESCAPE and get out of work early again, he must have DEATH WISH because when the boss catches on....
by Platinum taco September 30, 2006
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