an Asian female who rejects her asian identity, dates only white men. Does not date or marry asian men.
she's a lu, that's why she thinks that way.
by diamente2 June 17, 2021
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x.x HOLLIEEEE!!!! <3 says
Abbie wabbie!! i really lu!!!!xxx!!!
x<3x ABBBIIEEE!!!! x<3x says
Hollie wollieeeeee!! Lu deux!!!xxxx!!!!
x.x HOLLIEEEE!!!! <3 says
Goodie!! === Lu forever!!!
x<3x ABBBIIEEE!!!! x<3x says
And a day!!! Mwah mwah !!! =
by abbiee!!! December 25, 2005
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southern italian word
to say "the"
in italian is "il"
and southern italian is "lu" or "u" (pro: 0uu)

" lu marito" (the husband)
" u brigante" (the bandit)

by mikytav benedetto July 25, 2008
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A mispelled word for toilet. Ex. I have to use the "loo".
by Anonymous August 22, 2003
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tested the "gravity boots" from ratchet and clank going commando

died in the process. body found in cockpit of passing 747

R.I.P. lu
lu here is going to walk up this wall
by thor December 9, 2003
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Lulu is a sweethearts young girl with light green eyes and always likes to play with dolls and lives saying hi to cute doggies and likes ice cream and anything with sugar in it.
Person 1: Lu lu is so cute!
Person 2: thanks
by Squidward 123 April 15, 2019
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Too much of an effort or hassle to do something.
This work is a lus. Imma do it tomorrow.
Im too lussed to do this work.
by Dr3w_32 July 23, 2021
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