A beautiful country consists of more than 17.000 islands. It has hundreds ethnic groups as well as regional languages, that makes most of the people are at least bilingual. Indonesia is a home of second world's various biodiversity, and is very rich of cultural diversity. It's now fighting to get its position as the next global economic power.

Most of the population are Muslims, If you wanna see the real face of Islam, come to Indonesia. Only ignorant people will say that Indonesia is a terrorist paradise. In Indonesia, you can easily found Muslims live peacefully with people of other religions.
A: Why are Muslims are identical to terrorism?
B: Muslims are like bees, mate! They can get angry if you disturb their home! But they are surely friendly when you don't disturb them.
A: So, where can I find the undisturbed ones?
B: Go to Indonesia! Only an asshole tries to bomb such a peaceful country.
by wagiman August 12, 2011
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4th most populous country in the world, largest muslim nation and where Mi Goreng was invented.
guy 1 : So is Mi Goreng Australian?
guy 2 : No it's Indonesian!
by cfcgirl1 December 30, 2010
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This country was invaded by the Japs and Dutch. Also Indonesia better than Malaysia. Bali is in here. What does Malaysia have?
Sigmanesian: "Indonesia is beautiful."
Malaysiabeta: "No."
by drier than the atacama February 9, 2022
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A Republic archipelago of islands consisting of Borneo,Sumatra,java and Sulawesi
Many unique animals such as Javan and Sumatran rhinos live in Indonesia
by Animal info March 4, 2017
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A place in Asia where it is thought to be a city in the country of Bali
Indonesia is a very beautiful country
by CPT_Hood March 29, 2020
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A country in south east Asia that consists of several different islands, Jakarta being it's capital. Indonesians are racially diverse, their main ancestors are Malaysions, Filipinos, the Vietnamese and even Africans. It is known that the country of Indonesia has big terrorist problems aswell.
Indonesia to the fullest.
by capoetacypha June 14, 2006
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