To tie everything together nicely. When things that don't necessarily go together somehow fit.
"That chick's outfit is so stitched!"
"You two are so different but you are a totally stitched couple.
by Diva_Danae February 17, 2006
A girl that has been hurt by guys in past relationships, and "healed stronger" therefore doesn't get hurt by guys anymore. She generally has a carefree attitude and doesn't care about one specific guy to a large extent. She doesn't allow herself to become attached to a guy again.
That girl didn't cry over me when we broke up because she is stitched.
by BeenStitched17 June 14, 2013
Exclamation by a Jock Scotsman while he head butts someone.
Jock shouted "stitch that Jimmy!" as he nutted him.
by F A B Scott July 1, 2007
Stitch is a blend word of "Stupid" & "Bitch".
Kimberly!!! you stitch!!!
by notsmallz August 15, 2018
laughing uncontrollably, laughing hysterically
That joke I saw online left me in stitches.
by The Return of Light Joker March 9, 2009
A very lovable and friendly alien creature who steals the heart of everyone he touches.
I love you Stitch!
by bob so December 6, 2016
(noun) A cute and cuddily alien fiend who is often seen carrying multiple firearms. He has a friend who has the same name as a Linux bootloader.
Wow...Stitch is SOO cool, he is the first thing Disney got right in a long ass time.
by Tehl337 April 25, 2004