Glitter for your vagina!
Clitter made my yeast infection into a jewel collection!
by JoeVa February 27, 2008
The phenomena that occurs when you wash your daughters sparkle shirt with your panties.
Wow! I need to seperate my Laundry! I have Clitter!
by Bella T August 22, 2011
A residue or cheese like substance found inside the labia.
As I fingerbanged this chick I tounged her bean and later found clitter stuck in my mustache.
by Dan June 13, 2004
n. the act of littering tobacco products such as cigarette butts and packaging; the debris left over from cigarette usage.
Why can't people just throw their clitter in the garbage rather than on the ground next to the garbage?

The local bodega was almost invisible behind all that clitter!
by stephluc February 23, 2008
a word to replace an existing known word for humourous purposes. like you use a word that sounds the same as that word but it rhymes with that word and sounds funny.
it also can be used to make fun of that in a juvenile sorta way.
"ok so i was checking what someone wrote on twitter right, or as i like to call it, 'clitter'........." (wait for arousing laughes......LOL yay they laugh cos it sounds rude yada yada)
by don shmon December 30, 2010
To rub, feel, or roll the ball on your blackberry as if it was a clitoris of a female. Can be used as a verb.
Yo Joe are you actually texting or are you just clittering?
by Ksmitts December 8, 2009