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To rub, feel, or roll the ball on your blackberry as if it was a clitoris of a female. Can be used as a verb.
Yo Joe are you actually texting or are you just clittering?
by Ksmitts December 07, 2009
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Eating a bag of chips and then performing cunnilingus. Then leaving some of the chip crumbs by the female's vagina.
You're clittering all over my vagina.
by bboompop August 23, 2011
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Originates from bitches that litter from the depths of their loins. Junk that exits the clitoris and pollutes the surrounding environment.
Bro, look at the mess shontell made with her clittering last night. That bitch lost her shit and clittered all over my bench.
by eljaysee January 22, 2013
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