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1)A person that wont stop following you or a group that you are in.
2)A terd that doesnt want to fall out of your ass
Matt kept following everywhere I went, that god dam clinger.

I was on the bowl for a fuckin eternity last night. I had a clinger that juss didnt want to fuckin drop
by Rega October 13, 2006
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The one that just wont let go.
Can mean anything from that ex that bothers you to tears to a crab that attaches itself to your testicles while skinny dipping or that crap you did earlier and it still hangs on for dear life (I should know)
She's a clinger just kill 'er
OUCH I got a clinger
RRRRRGH ahh oh god it's a clinger
by Ben December 13, 2003
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A clinger is someone who is in a relationship but feels that even the slightest bit of attention from another person means that the person is interested in them

And the Clinger will see this as possible stalking even though the person wants to be there friend

This is often seen in men or women who feel unattractive and get hope from the slightest bit of attention.

Another possibility is that maybe the person is not getting enough attention from there partner and is sub concious looking for it somewhere else

They will never admit this but it is very common in British Women
(Normal Person)

Hi how are you your looking nice??

(Clinger) Im Fine thanks (Thinking: Oh my god he well fancies me!!!)
by Dave unknown November 23, 2007
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A clinger is any foreign object (usually splattered feces) that is attached to the inner wall of the toilet.

It's an unspoken fact that most males using the bathroom will aim their urine stream at any such clingers in an attempt to remove them, just to do their part of keeping the crib clean.
That clinger refused to be pissed off!
All those cashews I ate are gonna erupt into a barrage of clingers!
by MustangGT September 25, 2005
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noun: A spinner who holds so tightly to the man that's fucking her that when he gets up on all fours, she no longer touches the bed.
Ally is a real clinger. Last night when I was fucking her, she wrapped herself around me so tight that I got up, got a beer and changed the TV channel without losing rhythm.
by The Afterworld Cafe July 03, 2005
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Someone who you regret meeting due to them being around all the time.
Person A: "Man, look at Billy, always following John around."
Person B: "I'm glad I didn't meet Billy, he's such a clinger."
by xmancrushmonday November 28, 2016
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