aware of and responding to one's surroundings.
Im so self concious
by OshaUwottm8 July 23, 2016
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heavy breathing and deep nasal sounds coming from a slightly overweight pot smoking male.
Hey i think tawd is sleeping. No he cant be because his eyes are open. he must be concious snoring.
by snoreface October 16, 2007
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When another person criticizes your choice of dental floss, and you suddenly become acutely aware of your floss.
Person One: "Dude, your floss is from Hy-Vee? That's lame."
Person Two: "Cut it out! You're making me all floss-concious!"
by Kieushly July 30, 2007
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of being of mind and body and decision making of the concerns of the mind, that of when one thinks, thinking with intention
The mind and the concious thought is that of the intellectual being on some level or other.
by Svac May 8, 2022
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