The opposite of loose pussy. Preferable by most men as it provides greater stimulation and less smell.
Damn, I was fucking that bitch and my cock turned purple. That was some tight pussy.
by 666 September 7, 2003
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Tight pussy is a true treasure to a man. A woman with a tight pussy can get anything and everything from a man. Women can have or maintain a tight pussy by doing Kegel exercises. A woman can test to see if her's is tight by seeing if she can loosen the cap of a two liter coke bottle. It the vagina can tighten down enough so that you can hear the sound of gas escaping when twisting bottle, then you have a tight pussy. If the cap just turns, you have a loose pussy.
A tight pussy is worth it's weight in gold to any man.
by Dough Hightower February 9, 2006
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Guy, "We need to talk."
Gal, "What, are you dumping me?"
Guy, "Well, it's just that you don't have a tight pussy, and that undermines your performance in bed; you know, the motion of the ocean."
Gal, "Maybe your dick just isn't big enough for me, ever thought of that?"
Couple's therapist, "I have a solution. Guy, I'll prescribe you some male enhancement pills; Gal, I'll prescribe you some vaginal tightening pills. It's what I recommend for every couple with a small dick and a huge vag in the relationship."
by funblob July 4, 2015
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Is used as a way to describe someone's Pussy
Damn, i fucked avery last night and she had a Tight pussy
by UrMumGayYouStupidFaggot March 11, 2019
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limp dick can't go in here. if it makes it in she can push it right out. hard dick to beat you
females that constantly kegel exercise have a unbelievably "tight pussy hole"
by sicc j May 2, 2021
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She fine asl & about her business! Cooks..Clean... loves God! Somewhat damn near ay Virgin!
Listen... u see dat gyal ova there... nothin but Tight Pussy Energy! To bag her... u gotta have one bright ass future!
by ShovieGroovy February 3, 2022
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