Incorrect wording of strain, eg. a strain of Cannabis.
"I got this bomb strand growing."

"It's a strain you idiot."
by labia_explora September 25, 2013
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a gang of wiggas who come from norwich
we're the strand, we come from southside norwich yo
by chimpypete May 22, 2007
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pussies pussies wat a bunch of pussies. a gang of penises in norwich
we're the strand, and we are pussies
by stephenjolly February 20, 2008
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To be stuck on the toilet bowl without no roll.
Stranded... stuck on the toilet bowl 'cause you ain't got no roll... to prove you're a man you must wipe it with your hand!
by His Royal Throbness July 13, 2005
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(Verb) Standing and stranded. Left hopeless. Used most often with cars that come to a standstill, and leave you stranded.
My PT Cruiser left me stranding on the highway again.
Don't ever leave me stranding in the line again. Ever.
by Mixo October 2, 2010
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In some cases the term stranded is referring to the web series Stranded in L.A.
Me: Did you see the new stranded?
My Friend: I did!
Me: I really did not need to see his balls.
My Friend: Ha!
by J Guy the Great! January 11, 2013
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